Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Story So Far....

The Floor Plan... (Atlantique 32sq- Carlisle Homes)
Hi Welcome to our Great Australian Dream.... Owning our own Home...!

I'm Bec and my Partner is Craig we are in our Early 20s and this is our First House... We Currently live with Craig's parents in Noble Park and have been for 2 years... needless to say we are looking forward to moving out! its been good and we wouldn't be building a house without their support!

When picking a house Craig and i wanted something that would suit our lifestyle. The ATLANTIQUE 32 was or Will be Our Dream Home.

Last Year we picked the house and then found the land at Alamanda - Point Cook. Alamanda feels like a resort every time we go there... so relaxing and welcoming. We picked colors and signed the contracts by November 08. Hoping to start building before Christmas... but we had trouble with the bank so it wasn't until the afternoon of Jan 14th 09 that we received the unconditional from the bank... we went to our block on the 18th of jan (not expecting anything) only to find a temp fence and a porta loo.

THE BLOCK (The Alamanda Estate - Point Cook):

As you can see We have Really flat land.
its clay and rock which cost a "P-Class Slab"... this picture was taken Early Dec 08.

Sunday 18th Jan 09:

We were Shocked to See that we had a Temp Fence and porta loo. This is the day we met our lovely RHS neighbors. they said the builder were out Thursday morning putting up this fence the morning after the unconditional.
Craig an I Couldn't Be Happier!

(Kinda Sad When you get excited over a porta Loo and a Temp Fence)

This Picture was taken on the same day from a different angle.... there's our neighbors...! they should be finished by the end of Feb id say???

(Im Guessing we will need a side and back fence soon.)

Sunday 25th Jan 09:

So today we asked Craig's Parents if they wanted to see The block as no one had seen it yet.

They cam with us and we we got there we were delighted to see something New!

Plumbing and the waffle pods had been delivered...Amazing!

(So Far So Good No Dramas just a lot of progress and Smiles - Good Job Carlisle)

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  1. Brillianf floor plan. At Torquay, South Devon and South West Builders we would have been happy to build a new house according to that plan.