Saturday, January 31, 2009

We Have 4 Six Packs......

WHAT A WEEK! (Hot Hot Hot)

Well its been HOT Since Australia Day (Monday) since our visit. its been in the Low 40s for the last 3 days..... so we expected Nothing!

Craig and i received a letter from the builder requesting the next stage Payment, which we thought was the Slab Stage...???

Today Sunday the 1st Feb 09: we bought along My Brother and his Girlfriend and my Dad and his Partner to have a look as they haven't seen it yet.

We were in absolute Shock to see a SLAB! (Yes a slab after a week of Scorching hot Temps)

The Slab From the Garage Angle

The Slab From The Master Bedroom Angle.

(I cant Believe we are up to slab stage already!

Another Slab Pick! Cant wait Till next week!


(The New in the paper is that Alamanda have to pull down the big Slide at Bay View Park)


  1. Hi Guys,
    Congrats on the slab :) we are at that stage too. hopefully we will have frames over the next few days..
    ps. We are a follower of you hope you don't mind
    The Browns

  2. Wonderful looking slab. At Torquay, South Devon and South West Builders we would love to produce such great work.

  3. The South Devon decorators would be happy to do decorating that looks great.

  4. Hi Bec & Craig!I'm into home building & reno because I work for a social media that's all about houses/homes in AU In fact we are about to release an online renovation tool. Have you tried something like this? Cheers!

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  6. Congratulations on the fantastic piece of construction work. If you are looking for a professional firm of estate agents to market your property you may want to contact McCarthy and Co, The Torquay Estate Agents. We can be found at McCarthy & Co Estate Agents
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